Salon Mathis Memberships


What better way is there to enjoy your salon experience?

And what better way for us to show you just how much we appreciate you through a Salon Mathis Membership?!


Our Memberships are an amazing way to save money on all your beauty treatments. Keep your hair looking and feeling amazing all year long while saving yourself money in return. We offer different packages based on your desired savings. With monthly payments and regular visits, you can be sure your hair will turn heads wherever you go! With added special perks,

discounts, promotions and deals exclusive to our Members only. 

Join our Membership family today! 

We have a NEW Memberships for 2021!



Priority Scheduling

Exclusive Benefits through our Members Only Facebook Group

Product Giveaways

Complimentary Services


One Time $75 Registration Fee Required

4 Amazing Hair Memberships! 

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Amanda's Hot Mess Express Membership is the only Membership that includes both Hair & Lash Discounts and Deals! 

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  • To enroll, you must have a valid drivers license and credit card

  • Registration Fee of $75

  • First Month due upon signing contract

  • Second months payment will be due on the 15th of the following month

  • Recurring payments are required. (Unless paid in full at time of signing)

  • Services and discounts may not be moved from one month to the next

  • Services and discounts may not be transferred from one person to another.

  • Service discounts can not be transferred from one membership to another

  • Complimentary services are subject to availability and require an appointment. May not be carried over from month to month.

  • Membership charges are nonrefundable.

  • It is highly encouraged to prebook ALL membership services.

  • To move or reschedule a service, we ask that you call us 24 hours before 

  • Standard Cancellation, No Show, and Late Fee Policies apply

  • No Showing on a Service will automatically forfeit that months services

  • Membership price does not include gratuities 

  • Members enjoy priority booking. (This means you will get a call back first thing!)

  • Memberships are a 12 month commitment. After that you can cancel at any time

  • Memberships auto-renew each month

  • Memberships will auto-renew annually

  • Failed payments will be called and given 2 days (48 hours) to remedy payment

  • Memberships can be cancelled after contract time with written notice to

  • Ultimate and Platinum Memberships are Limited at enrollment. A certain amount will be up for purchase each month and will be first come first service OR picked from waiting list

  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Are you ready to start saving each visit?

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Make sure to include which Membership, are you Signing Up or Upgrading!