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Stories of the Fountain of Youth have been around for centuries. While we may never discover the whereabouts of the legendary spring, scientists may have come close with the discovery of NAD+! 

Truly reversing the hands of time inside and out!

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Without NAD+, life would simply cease to exist.

Welcome to Conroe's premier NAD+ therapy center! Our facility is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality NAD+ therapy services, designed to revitalize your body, enhance mental clarity, and promote healthy aging.

Our team of certified professionals is committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals through cutting-edge technology and personalized care.

We know NAD+ levels fall as we age, which leads to the progression of aging and age related diseases. Mathis Salon & Spa is here to help you replenish NAD+ levels, so you can do more of what you love, longer. 

What is NAD+?

Anti-aging procedures have too long been focused on enhancing outward appearances. By increasing the levels of this crucial molecule, NAD+ IV therapy targets the real cause of aging, which is cellular repair and regeneration.


NAD+ therapy has been shown to improve motivation, cognitive function, mental clarity, athletic performance, and metabolic markers like obesity, cardiac problems, and insulin resistance while lowering stress, depression, and anxiety levels.

The effectiveness of NAD+ therapy in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms in people trying to overcome drug and alcohol dependency is what initially attracted attention, as this resulted in a higher success rate.


To support the body's inherent ability to heal itself, the medical community has started to use this therapy in the wellness and anti-aging sectors.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential molecule your body uses to repair your DNA, regulate your cells’ metabolism, and control aging. Because it’s critical for the survival of your cells, NAD+ can have profound effects on your health and lifespan.


Some of the important functions of NAD+ have only recently been discovered. Because of this, it has become the subject of many research studies, and supplements that claim to boost NAD+ levels are gaining popularity.

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It’s responsible for transferring electrons and hydrogen in the Krebs cycle, making it a vital component for producing all of the energy your body uses. It’s involved in over 100 metabolic processes, and is considered one of the most essential building blocks for life. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decrease as you age and in response to psychological illnesses. This negatively impacts your health in many ways. Boosting your NAD+ can help restore your natural and healthy levels, enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing. NAD+ not only restores your body but stops the hands of time. 


NAD+ Benefits

NAD+ infusions may increase the levels of NAD+ to help with the symptoms of aging caused by the body’s decline in NAD. In general, healthy individuals may or may not notice a big change in how they feel, but the reparative benefit from an NAD+ infusion can be an overall boost for your system.

Our Fountain of Youth package is an amazing treatment that increases the amount of NAD+ in your body. By doing this, you can slow down the aging process, think better, and feel healthier overall.

Additionally, it’s designed for people aged 45+ yrs looking to treat the following:​

  • Combat age-related decline in energy production 

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Protect against age-related cognitive decline

  • Improve muscle function 

  • Repair damage on a cellular level caused by the effects of aging

  • Improves health and lifespan

  • Resets the body’s natural circadian rhythms and internal clock

  • Repairs damaged cells

  • Protects brain cells

  • Reduces pain

  • Increases metabolism

  • Elevates mood

  • Enhances memory and concentration

  • Has anti-aging effects

Live More, Age Less!

By increasing NAD levels in the body, signs of aging can be reduced and even reversed. These outcomes may result because NAD can help return your cells to the state they were in when you were young.


Feel Younger & More Entergized!

NAD+ is proven to help reverse the effects of aging and revitalizing your natural NAD+ in your body.

Take back your youthful side and 

begin to live again!

Slowing the Ageing Process with NAD+ Treatments!

Aging results from a variety of cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. Common stressors such as sleep deprivation, overtraining, sun exposure, alcohol consumption, chronic illness and poor diet all affect our cellular health. Over time, high oxidative stress levels lead to a decrease in physical and mental capacity, growing risk of illness, and irreversible aging.

NAD+ promotes cellular defense, resilience as well as repair by acting as a catalyst. It is a coenzyme that works with other enzymes to carry out many other reactions and processes. Most importantly, it helps power the mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell. Essentially, NAD+ is kickstarting your “cellular engines.”

But, as NAD+ levels begin to drop, cells become sluggish and oxidative stress starts to take a toll.

As a result, aging processes start to increase.

NAD+ is essential, but we don’t have an endless supply. As we age, our cells endure many oxidative stressors and as a result, NAD+ levels decrease significantly. NAD+ declines up to 50% between the ages of 40 and 60. Fortunately, NAD infusions and supplements help curb the mental and physical declines associated with aging.

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Benefits

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy has many powerful benefits, including:

Boosts focus, energy and cellular health

Improves heart health and endurance

Helps reverse aging to feel younger

What is the main reason to receive
NAD+ IV Treatments?

The main goal of NAD+ IV Drip Therapy is to help the body clean house of cellular components that may be damaged. This can help reset the baseline of cellular health and beginning the path to a younger you!

For the BEST results, the first phase of your NAD+ IV Drip Therapy will involve 2 doses, 2 times per week for 4 weeks. After your month doses, you’ll receive monthly maintenance sessions of NAD+. There are several ways to start your path to repair your body and slow the aging process. Be sure to schedule a consulation to discuss your personal journey!

How does NAD+ help with aging?

Restorative processes depend on NAD+, and shortages can cause problems such as metabolic decline, cognitive issues, and a lowered immune system. An NAD+ infusion helps counteract this, preventing issues before they arise. It also helps protect your neurons against the effects of neurodegenerative diseases.

NAD+ infusion therapy promotes healthier aging, performance and can help several mental illnesses, including substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also help with Lyme disease due to its ability to aid enzymatic functions.

Are you ready to turn back the hands of time, yet?

NAD+ is administer via IV or can be administered through injection.

At Mathis Salon & Spa, we offer all of the above. 

3 Different Ways To Age Less!

Is NAD+ IV Therapy Right for You?

NAD+ IV infusion therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that has been shown to have numerous potential benefits for overall health, well-being, anti-aging and more.


If you are interested in improving your athletic performance, combating the effects of aging, or simply feeling more energized and focused on a daily basis, NAD+ IV therapy may be worth considering. However, as with any medical treatment, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if NAD+ IV infusion therapy is right for you.

With the right preparation and aftercare, NAD+ IV therapy can be a safe and effective way to unlock the fountain of youth and improve your overall health and well-being.

NAD+ IV Packages

Because NAD+ is most effective, with better results when administered properly and consistently, packages are highly recommeded! 

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QTY: 3

Value: $900

Salon Membership Flyers (1)_edited.jpg

QTY: 6

Value: $1500

Salon Membership Flyers (1)_edited.jpg

QTY: 3

Value: $1,500

Salon Membership Flyers (1)_edited.jpg

QTY: 6

Value: $2,500

*Note: To purchase package, on Booking Page click on packages and then select package desired. 

NAD+ Injection Packages

Because NAD+ is most effective, with better results when administered properly and consistently, packages are highly recommeded! 

Salon Membership Flyers (1)_edited.jpg

QTY: 3

Value: $900

Salon Membership Flyers (1)_edited.jpg

QTY: 6

Value: $1350

*Note: To purchase package, on Booking Page click on packages and then select package desired. 



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